How to Establish a Complete CV with Requirements

CV or limited partnership is a business entity that is widely used in various countries such as Indonesia. How to set up a CV that is easy and fast makes many young business people in Indonesia flock to create the limited partnership.

For those of you who want to start a new business or business, it's a good idea to have a place for your business. The right business platform will certainly have a pretty good effect on the business. The right solution for your business is CV or Commanditaire Venooschap. So, do you know what the requirements are and how to build a CV?

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On the article Management Journal This time we will discuss in detail the steps in establishing a CV along with the requirements and procedures. For a complete explanation, see the following information:

Understanding CV in General

Before discussing tips on establishing a complete CV with its requirements and how the procedure for making or establishing a Comandditaire Venooschap or CV, it's a good idea to first know what is meant by a business entity.

In essence, CV is an abbreviation of Commanditaire Venooschap or which can be translated into Indonesian as a limited partnership. CV is a form or form of a partnership established by one or several people to be mutually responsible in terms of entrusting money or goods to members of the CV.

CV can also be interpreted as a form of partnership between several people as a forum for cooperation in the economic field.

Understanding CV According to Experts

Some experts in the field of economics also have their own definitions regarding the limited partnership. The definition of limited partnership from several experts are as follows.

1. Definition of limited partnership according to Purnamasari

An author of a best-selling book related to economic studies, Purnamasari, stated that: Limited Partnership or Comanditaire Venootschap (CV) is one of the options from a business entity that can be selected based on certain criteria by entrepreneurs who want to carry out business activities with a fairly limited capital.

2. Definition of limited partnership according to Wijayanto and Widyaningsih

The next economists who took part in defining limited partnerships were Wijayanto and Widyaningsih. According to the author of the economic study book, limited partnership or CV is a form of partnership to run a joint business, which is established by one or more active partners with one or more limited partners.

3. Definition of limited partnership according to Wijatno

The next author of the study of economics who participated in contributing statements related to the definition of CV was Wijatno. According to Wijatno, a CV or limited partnership is an alternative form or option for a cooperation agreement to regulate the company and take full responsibility for his personal assets and other responsibilities related to the company he founded.

Types of CV

Like its counterpart, a Limited Liability Company or PT, limited partnership also consists of various types. The types of limited partnerships or CVs include the following.

1. Pure limited partnership

A pure limited partnership is the first type of limited partnership. A pure limited partnership is a limited partnership in which there is only one complementary partner. Meanwhile, the rest are limited partners.

2. Mixed limited partnership

The next type of limited limited partnership is a mixed limited partnership. A mixed limited partnership is a form or form of a firm which requires additional capital. The partners of the firm are complementary allies, while other allies referred to as additional partners are limited partners.

3. Limited limited partnership

The last type of limited partnership is a limited partnership. Shared limited partnership is a form of limited partnership which issues shares but is not traded. The complementary partners and limited partners will take only one of the shares and may take more.

The purpose of the issuance of the shares is solely to avoid the occurrence of frozen capital because in the limited partnership it is not easy to withdraw the paid-up capital.

Examples of limited partnerships with shares in Indonesia include Tunas Muda CV, Manguni Perkasa CV, Manado Agro CV, Canvil Group, CV. Herry Jaya Utama, CV. Taruna Jaya Mandiri, CV. Global Synergy System and CV. Purnama Jaya Persada.

Advantages of CV

As a place for business entities or a forum for business people to run their business, CV is known to have several advantages, including the following.

  1. The establishment of limited partnership or CV is easier than the establishment of PT.
  2. The amount of capital collected in the establishment of the CV can be more.
  3. By choosing to establish a CV, it will be easier for the business forum to get a business credit loan.
  4. The CV management can be done much better.
  5. Opportunities and opportunities in the expansion of business and business tend to be more open.
  6. The capital structure owned by limited partnership or CV tends to be stronger.

Disadvantages of CV

In addition to having several advantages, a limited partnership or CV actually has several disadvantages. The disadvantages of a CV include the following.

  1. CV has unlimited and very broad liability for active partners. It is different with limited partners who are only waiting for the results of profits or profits from CV only.
  2. It is quite difficult for limited partners to withdraw the capital that has been deposited for the establishment of the CV.
  3. The age or life span of the CV cannot be determined.
  4. The establishment of a true CV always requires complex supervision of active partners, especially from the business side.

Requirements for Establishing a CV

If you are already interested in establishing a limited partnership or CV, then it's a good idea to pay attention to what are the requirements for establishing a CV. Basically making a CV is easy. The terms and conditions for making a CV or establishing a CV include the following.

1. Photocopy of ID card

The first requirement for establishing a limited partnership is to submit a photocopy of your identity card or KTP. The photocopies of ID cards that must be submitted are the ID cards of the director and the passive company or commissioner.

2. Copy of TIN

The next requirement to establish a limited partnership that you must fulfill is a photocopy of the TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number belonging to the director and the passive company or the commissioner.

3. CV

The requirement for the creation or establishment of the next CV is to submit the name of the CV you want to make.

4. Photocopy of PBB

The next requirement for establishing a CV that you must complete is to submit a photocopy of PBB or Land and Building Tax. In addition, you also need to submit the latest proof of payment of Land and Building Tax according to the domicile of your company.

5. Photocopy of proof of ownership or business place rental letter

The next requirement is to submit proof of ownership of the place of business. If the place of business is a place of business as a result of renting, then you must include a letter of rent for the place of business.

6. Photo of place of business or office

In addition to the previous requirements that you must meet to establish a CV, the next requirement is to include a photo of your office or place of business. You can take photos of the place of business or office based on the front view or the appearance in the place of business or office.


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Requirements for making CV

Before the CV or limited partnership that you want to establish is legally made, you should first meet some of the requirements for making the CV. The things that you must fulfill in order to make a CV or the requirements for making a CV include the following.

1. You must have a CV . deed of incorporation

The first requirement to make a CV is to have a CV incorporation deed in which the CV must consist of two founders, one of which acts as an active member and the other acts as a passive member.

2. You must have a Trading Business License (SIUP)

The next requirement that you must fulfill to make a CV is to have a Trading Business License (SIUP). After completing the requirements for the CV, then you can then make a Trading Business Permit (SIUP). So, how to take care of the Trading Business Permit (SIUP)?

To apply for a Trade Permit (SIUP) then you must go to an institution that is in accordance with what type of business you want to set up. You can take care of it at the One Stop Service Office or PTSP. In addition, you can also take care of it at the local service representative office.

3. You must have a Company Registration Certificate (TDP)

The next requirement that you must complete in order to make a CV is to have a Company Registration Certificate (TDP). You can take care of the Company Registration Certificate (TDP) at the One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) office also by bringing the required documents.

Procedure for Establishing CV

For those of you who want to build a CV, the following are some examples of procedures for setting up a CV based on the desired field.

1. How to set up a construction service CV

  • Prepare for the establishment of a CV for construction services by consulting to find out the scope of the business establishment to the requirements for establishing a CV and the costs.
  • The next way to establish a CV from construction services is to fill out the CV establishment form provided.
  • Fill out a power of attorney (if using the services of a notary).
  • Submit a company name registration or CV by attaching several requirements such as attaching the original form and power of attorney, attaching a photocopy of the ID card and attaching a photocopy of the company owner's family card or CV.
  • Perform the name approval process and CV registration.
  • Make a deed of establishment CV through a notary.
  • Make an application for a domicile certificate.
  • Include the Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).
  • Validate the application for making a CV, namely the ratification of the Company's Articles of Association or Deed of Establishment. Don't forget to also submit other required requirements, namely proof of bank deposit equal to the capital deposited in the CV's deed of establishment, proof of PNBP as payment of news on state events and submit the original deed of establishment.
  • Applying for a Trading Business Permit (SIUP) which is submitted to the City/Regency.Provincial Trade Office according to the existence or location of the company's domicile.
  • Apply for a Company Registration Certificate (TDP) submitted to the Office of Industry and Trade in the city or district according to the domicile location of the CV and the company.
  • Listen to the announcement of ratification from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in the State Minutes of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Have a Membership Card (KTA) as a sign of a company association member.
  • Have a Business Entity Letter (SBU).
  • Have a Construction Services Business License (SIUJK), which previously had to have a business entity certificate first issued by the accreditation association certification body, namely LPJK.

2. How to set up a CV for consulting services

  • Prepare for the establishment of a CV for consulting services by completing the initial requirements for establishing a CV such as including a photocopy of your ID card, KK and NPWP. Don't forget to also include a photocopy of the PBB along with proof of the latest PBB payment, a photocopy of the contract or ownership of the place of business as well as a photo of the front or visible in your place of business.
  • The next way to establish a CV from consulting services is to check the name by a notary. Don't forget to provide two names first that can be used as CV name options for the notary.
  • Make a draft of the deed of establishment CV. The draft of the deed of establishment of the CV will soon be made by a notary and contains the articles of association and by-laws of the company if the company has been legally made.
  • Finalization and signature of CV's deed of establishment before a notary. Furthermore, the notary will make a copy of the deed of establishment of the CV and register the deed at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in order to obtain a Registered Certificate.
  • Take the company's Taxpayer Identification Number. The NPWP and SKT cards will be issued by the KPP by first completing the previous document requirements.
  • Registering NIB or Business Identification Number which is an identification number for each business actor. The NIB is used instead of TDP and API. The NIB registration itself is done through the OSS system or Online Single Submission.
  • The last way to build a CV from consulting services is to apply for business licenses and commercial permits. So, a business license will be issued when the NIB has been issued. The Business License is actually a substitute for the Trade Business Permit (SIUP).

Actually, the way to set up a limited partnership for consulting services is similar to how to set up a contractor CV. The two are not much different. Therefore, you should not have to worry about looking for any procedures to establish a CV for consulting services or CV for contractor services.

CV Making Cost

If you already understand the requirements and how the procedure or how to establish a company CV, then now it's your turn to find out the range of costs in making the CV. In fact, the cost of establishing a CV is not as expensive as you think. It could even be said that the cost of setting up a CV is much cheaper than you might think.

If you take care of making a CV at a notary's office, the cost range for setting up a CV is usually set from Rp. 5000.000,00 to Rp. 9000.000,00. These costs are also included with the registration fee for CV's deed of establishment, company domicile letter, company NPWP to SIUP and TDP.

How to Establish a CV and the cost may be a reference for those of you who are looking to establish a CV as a place for your business venture. Even from a cost perspective, actually establishing a CV is not too expensive. No wonder many people flock to establish a CV.

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