Price List of Tilapia Seeds Per Head in the Latest Market

Tilapia seed cultivation is one of the most promising businesses, especially in Indonesia. The diversity of existing fish and market demand for large fish is certainly a separate capital that has been given by nature. One of the most popular aquaculture in Indonesia is tilapia cultivation. In order for tilapia cultivation to be successful, of course you must use quality tilapia seeds.

In carrying out the cultivation of tilapia is certainly not easy. Must be accompanied by strong determination and patience. In addition, knowledge of the ins and outs of tilapia and also a wide network of relationships are also important things for the success of tilapia cultivation. That way your tilapia cultivation can run and have the maximum profit potential.

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Therefore in the article Management Journal this time will discuss in full about tilapia seeds. This includes a discussion of various types of tilapia, characteristics of quality tilapia seeds and also a list of prices for tilapia on the market. For more details, see the following discussion:

Various Types of Tilapia

  1. Nila Sila Best

The first tilapia is BEST tilapia. Tilapia is a tilapia that has superior quality compared to local tilapia. BEST tilapia has resistance to various diseases, both parasitic and non-parasitic. In addition, this BEST tilapia has a fairly short harvest time, which can be harvested every 4 months.

  1. Nila Srikandi

tilapia heroine
image of tilapia heroine | source :

Next is the tilapia srikandi. This Srikandi fish was originally developed by BPPI until finally it was officially introduced widely in 2012. This Srikandi tilapia is also a tilapia that has various advantages. One of the advantages of this Srikandi tilapia is that this type of tilapia can be bred either in brackish water or fresh water.

  1. Nila Agile

nimble tilapia
nimble tilapia image | source :

The next type of tilapia is the GESIT tilapia. This tilapia is one of the fish that is quite a lot kept either for own consumption or to be marketed on a large scale. In addition, the high demand for agile tilapia makes many people interested in cultivating it. This GESIT tilapia can reach a maximum weight of 500 grams in just 6 months of cultivation.

  1. Nila Larasati

larasati tilapia
larasati tilapia image | source :

The next tilapia is larasati tilapia. This type of tilapia is the result of a cross between black tilapia and red tilapia. This fish has various advantages with local tilapia of course. One of the advantages of this larasati tilapia is that the breeding time of this fish occurs in a short time.

Characteristics of Quality Tilapia Seeds

1. Obtained From Famous Seed Sellers

Well-known seed sellers have certainly served and collaborated with various people. With many people buying seeds from well-known sellers, of course, the quality of the seeds they sell has also been tested. Usually, well-known and trusted breeders have applied and mastered knowledge in the field of seedling and also the system in producing good and correct seeds.

2. Healthy Physical Condition No Disability

To determine the quality of fish seeds or not, it can be seen with the naked eye on the physical part of the seeds. The hallmark of quality seeds is the absence of physical defects in the body or fins of fish seeds. In addition, another characteristic of quality seeds is seen from the movement of seeds that are actively moving and have a fast response when given stimuli such as being fed and so on.

The quality of fish seeds is certainly very decisive in success at harvest. By using fish seeds that are physically healthy, of course, the growth of tilapia will be good and smooth. Fish become protected from all kinds of diseases and more resistant to the pond environment.

3. Have the Same Size

Characteristics of good tilapia seeds to be cultivated next is to have almost the same size or uniform size. With a uniform seed size will make a gift tilapia feed can be effective because usually fish that have a smaller size will be oppressed by fish that have a larger size so that it can interfere with the growth of tilapia.

The size of the seeds that are not the same will make the process of enlargement of tilapia not optimal. Because the tendency of tilapia with a large size will oppress smaller tilapia. This can certainly make small fish stressed or even die. Of course this can make the quality of the tilapia harvest is not optimal.

4. Quick Response To Stimuli

As mentioned earlier that one of the characteristics of good fish seeds is fast in responding to stimuli. One of these stimuli is in feeding. The speed with which the seedlings respond to feed is an indication that the fish seeds have good health and physical conditions for cultivation.

5. Free From Disease

The next characteristic of good seeds is free from various kinds of diseases. Diseases that attack tilapia in general are derived from organisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Seedlings that experience or are attacked by various kinds of diseases will certainly not be able to grow properly when tilapia is reared.

6.Meet Standard

The last characteristic is that the fish seeds meet qualitative and quantitative standards. Quantitative criteria include age data, uniformity of size, minimum weight, agility, response to stimuli from water currents. while the qualitative criteria include the origin of the seeds based on visual observations. Of course, good quality seeds also come from good breeders.

Prices of Tilapia Seeds in General

Before starting a business or business tilapia fish farming certainly have to think about some important things. One of the most important things, of course, in terms of budgeting, whether it's about the cost of cultivation media, maintenance, cultivation tools, and the most important thing is the allocation of costs for purchasing seeds. To be able to plan a seed budget, it is necessary to monitor the development of seed prices.

Size Fill (tail) price
2-3 cm 8000 IDR 1.250.000
3-4 cm 6000 IDR 1.250.000
3-5 cm 5000 IDR 1.300.000
4-6 cm 4000 IDR 1.300.000
5-7 cm 3000 IDR 1.350.000

The table above is an illustration of the price of tilapia seeds per head on the latest market. However, the price may change according to demand conditions and also the supply of tilapia seeds in certain areas. If there are no tilapia cultivators in an area, it will certainly make the price of seeds more expensive because they have to send from other areas.

For example, suppose that in Jambi the demand for tilapia is so high, while tilapia farmers and farmers in Jambi are still relatively small. This of course makes the community's demand for tilapia unable to be fulfilled so the local government must take fish from other areas which of course requires additional costs for tilapia transfer.


Price of Red Tilapia Seeds

red tilapia seeds
red tilapia seeds

As is known that there are many types of tilapia. One that is quite popular in Indonesia is the type of red tilapia. Red tilapia in Indonesia has a fairly high demand because this fish has a delicious and savory taste of fish meat. So that many cultivators are interested in raising red tilapia. The following is the price of red tilapia seeds on the market.

Size/type Price per head Fill box
LARVA 35 20.000 head/Box
1-2 cm 50 8000 head/box (4000 head/bag)
2-3 cm 80 5000 head/box (1000 head/bag)
3-5 cm 150 2500 fish/box (500 fish/box)
4-7 cm 350 1000 fish/box (500 fish/bag)

The table above is a table of selling prices for tilapia seeds of various sizes and larvae. The price of course varies from region to region depending on the availability of seed stock. Meanwhile, for prospective red tilapia brooders that weigh about 100 grams, the market price is around 15 thousand rupiahs per head.

By looking at the price of tilapia from the table above, it can be an illustration for people who want to start red tilapia cultivation. One of the successes of fish farming is budget efficiency. The description of the price of red tilapia seeds can be your basis in allocating a cultivation budget, especially in terms of purchasing red tilapia seeds or seeds.

Selling Price of Nile Tilapia Seeds

In addition to red tilapia, agile tilapia is also one of the most popular tilapia in the Indonesian fish market. This is of course because of the various advantages and the price of this nimble tilapia which is fairly affordable. The following is an overview of the prices of various sizes of seeds from 1 cm to larvae on the market today.

Size/type Price per head Fill box
LARVA 15 20.000 head/Box
1-2 cm 35 8000 head/box (4000 head/bag)
2-3 cm 55 5000 head/box (1000 head/bag)
3-5 cm 95 2500 fish/box (500 fish/box)
4-7 cm 250 1000 fish/box (500 fish/bag)

Meanwhile, if you want to directly buy agile tilapia broodstock, you can. For agile tilapia brooders, of course the price is also different for each region. In general, the price of prospective agile tilapia brooders has a price of around 30.000 rupiah each with each box containing 40 prospective agile tilapia brooders.

By looking at the table about the price of agile tilapia seeds above, it can certainly be an illustration for those of you who want to start cultivating this agile tilapia. Budget expenditure as capital becomes measurable so that you can adjust your capital according to which type of seed to buy. With demand that is still quite high, of course, the cultivation of agile tilapia is still very promising.

Price of Black Tilapia Seeds

black tilapia
black tilapia | source : tokopedia

Black tilapia is also one of the tilapia that is often cultivated in Indonesia. This is of course because of the ease of finding these fish seeds around us, such as in fish shops or direct tilapia farmers. Therefore, fish farming is quite in demand by many people. The following is the price of the latest black tilapia seeds.

Size Number of seeds Price
2-3 cm 8.000 tails IDR 1.150.000
3-4 cm 6.000 tails IDR 1.150.000
3-5 cm 5.000 tails IDR 1.200.000
4-6 cm 4.000 tails IDR 1.200.000
5-7 cm 3.000 tails IDR 1.250.000

The price of tilapia seeds per kg of each region also varies depending on its availability in the region. This makes the price movement of black tilapia often experience either up or down movements. However, the increase and decrease in the price of black tilapia seeds is still not too significant so that the price is quite stable in the market.

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Price of Tilapia Seeds GIFT

tilapia gift
tilapia gift | source :

GIFT tilapia is a type of tilapia that has various advantages. That makes this fish is often in demand to be cultivated by many people. With painstaking care and supported by the use of quality fish seeds, it can certainly produce large harvest potential profits. The following is a price table for GIFT tilapia seeds.

Size Number of seeds Price
2-3 cm 8.000 tails IDR 1.300.000
3-4 cm 6.000 tails IDR 1.300.000
3-5 cm 5.000 tails IDR 1.350.000
4-6 cm 4.000 tails IDR 1.400.000
5-7 cm 3.000 tails IDR 1.400.000

For the price of GIFT fish seeds, it is still quite affordable for various groups of people. The price in the table above is an illustration of the price of GIFT tilapia seeds on the market. By looking at the price table, it can certainly be a view in estimating the estimated cost needed to buy seeds according to the budget you have.

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