Understanding the Complete 4p and 7p Marketing Mix

Management business or commercial products or services need theories related to the marketing mix to be able to advance the business that will be developed. There are several understandings related to the marketing mix according to experts, such as according to Lamb, Hair, and Mc Daniel which states that marketing is related to the planning process, implementing the concept, to distribution carried out to be able to satisfy consumers.

Rewoldt in 2001 stated that marketing is a match of the ability and desire to cultivate mutual goals which are certainly mutually beneficial.

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However, from all these experts there is one conclusion that marketing is an activity carried out by humans and has a concentration on satisfying needs and desires with an exchange process which of course has become a mutual agreement. There are many marketing mix papers or marketing mix journals that you can read more about the theory of the marketing mix.

Strategy Using the 4p . Marketing Mix System

There is a marketing mix strategy that is often referred to as marketing. This marketing business has a very important role to influence consumers by offering products that your business produces.

Marketing mix is a technique used to control your business in order to satisfy consumers, one of which is the 4p marketing mix, namely product or product, price which means price. Offer business, place or places and channels that you will use in the distribution process, and the last is promotion or promotion.

The mix that has the details of the 4p is often called the marketing mix. This marketing theory can only be used for business basis or marketing mix elements in commercial products.

The theory of the marketing mix will be different if you are in the service marketing venture which is better known as the 7p's. If your business marketing system uses the basic mix above, then you can determine the best strategy for the company.

Services Marketing Strategy Using the 7p . Elements of the Marketing Mix

As you already know, the service marketing mix technique certainly has a slight difference. In addition to price, place, product, and promotion, there are 3 additions that are closely related to consumers who will choose a business in the service sector. Here is a strategy description of the 7p marketing mix that you can look into further:

  1. Product

Products in marketing services will not be the same as marketing goods. Service companies provide products in programs needed by the community. Elements that must and must be carried out include, among others, appropriate service planning, developments carried out on new or old service programs to be updated for the better, and of course taking several actions that can be taken to influence service products to be known by consumers.

  1. Price

The management system as mentioned in the definition of the marketing mix certainly requires good and appropriate fund management. Before determining the price of a service product, you must be able to pay attention to all the elements that will incur additional funds. As an example of a marketing mix in a service product, you need to consider the price after experiencing a discount, shipping or freight costs, and even other variables that are certainly related to the business.

  1. Place

The place of distribution must of course be chosen which is most appropriate and right on target. You must carefully know the most strategic places to develop your business. In addition, if needed, choose a distribution system such as the best delivery if required by your business.

  1. Sale

Not everyone can recognize your services. However, the marketing mix with the promotion system can expand the network to remote areas if you use the right promotion. This promotion in addition to introducing can also persuade people to use the products and services of your business. Usually the marketing mix concept of this promotion method requires the help of other media as providers or even advertisers (See Interesting Ad Example). The media that you can use such as print media, electronic media, or what is currently the latest and easily accessible is social media.

  1. Physical Evidence

This element does not exist in the elements of the product marketing mix. But it is very important in the marketing of services. Physical Evidence or called physical facilities are things that can influence consumer decisions to use your business service products. These physical facilities include a complete physical environment or building that is comfortable when consumers come, complete equipment to show the readiness of your service business, adequate equipment, colors for service companies, you can even use an attention-grabbing logo to make consumers believe in the services you will provide. .

  1. People

Everyone in service marketing has an important role from planning to service delivery that must properly influence buyers to try your service business. If you look at the theory of the marketing mix, then you must carefully choose the right employees, and of course satisfactory service to consumers. One of the most important things in the service business world. Appearance can determine the delivery you give to potential customers. It's no wonder that neatness is the number one thing in service companies.

  1. Process

The last 7p is Process. The process is a mechanism that runs from beginning to end. All procedures must be in accordance with your strategy, in order to have maximum targets. A good process has a good impact on service marketing, such as the understanding of the marketing mix according to experts who say that if service marketing has good services and processes, there will be lots of consumers coming and even becoming customers after getting what they need. Things like this process should be the main focus for entrepreneurs in the service sector.


Conclusion In 4p And 7p Marketing Mix

After you clearly know the marketing mix system above, you can conclude that the marketing mix or what is often called the 4p has elements that are very influential and even have to be the basis for a commercial product. Proper 4p planning must be carried out before the production system starts, and this applies to businesses large or small.

Meanwhile, if you look at the 7p elements in the marketing mix, then you can see that the best service will greatly affect the level of consumer and customer trust in your business. You must be observant in seeing opportunities to attract interest and the right market to make your service business grow.

The elements above can be the basis of what you can do easily. You can influence consumers by using the elements of the marketing mix above, and of course make rational decisions because you already have a reference strategy that you have previously designed. Your business either in services or commercial products will be more advanced with this strategy.

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